1. Question: Does the product really work?

Answer: Yes it does! You can check the reviews section and the FaceBook post comments to see more reviews from satisfied customers. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. 

2. Question: Will it work for small dogs?

Answer: Yes, It will work for small dogs and cats.

3. Question: Is there some way to turn off the LED light?

Answer:Sorry, all of our water fountains don't have a light switch to turn on/off the light. We can't turn the LED off unless we unplug the power supply. A very important feature for the LED light on this fountain is its intelligent power off-pump which reminds us to add water on time during the day or at night. It is necessary to keep the light on all the time while it is operating.

4. Question: Where do I find replacement filters

Answer: You can find replacement filters here Comes in a 6-pack or 12-pack filter set. 

5. Question: What's the noise level?

Answer: Very low. The only noise is from the actual water trickling.

6. Question: Are you supposed to charge it for a while or should it work right away?

Answer: It works right away when it's plugged into an outlet or USB. 

7. Question: How much water does the canister hold?

Answer: It is 2.4 L and holds around 80 oz of water.

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