Pawz Comfort Pet Water Fountain - Why Choose This Product?

Same as each human being is unique, so are cats. No two cats are alike, each one unique its own special way. Each cat has its own likes and dislikes, sometimes it can be really confusing, lol. It could be with their meal preferences or in some cases your cute fur kid refusing to drink out of a bowl, even though you made sure it was filled with clean and freshwater and instead shoves its head down your glass of water or from a dripping faucet, drinking like she/he's never tasted water before. 

Is there an explanation behind this rather bizarre and strange behavior? Do cats just have fun giving their loving owners a difficult time? It seems like there is an explanation as to why your cat might be turning up their nose at the water bowl. 

Cats have been found to have fairly poor depth perception: they have a blind spot right in front of their nose which makes it difficult to appreciate the depth of a water bowl or the level of the water in the bowl hence why they end up with water up their nose. You might have noticed some cats dip their paws down the bowl to test the depth of the water before drinking. 

If you noticed your cat drinking from a running faucet, it might be because they can hear the running water better than they can see the still water in the bowl. 

Try a Pawz Comfort Pet Water Fountain designed for cats that prefer the sound of running water to encourage your cat to drink more without having to leave your water faucet running. 

Are you sure you know how your cats like to drink?

Cats become stressed and may even be in pain if their whiskers are constantly brushed (known as whisker fatigue), which can happen when drinking or eating from a bowl that is too deep. The 'purr-fect' bowl depends on your cat and you may need to try a few different styles to see which they prefer. Most cats prefer dishes wide enough to accommodate their really sensitive whiskers. 

All a matter of placement! 

By default, most cat owners place the food and water bowls next to each other. This might not work well as most cats, especially in the wild, prefer to keep food and water separate. If you notice your cat's water bowl is too close to the food and is always getting kibble crumbs in the freshwater dish, simply try moving the dish! That simple act might significantly improve your cat's drinking. 

The taste is important

Sometimes the taste of the water in the cat bowl might be dependent on the material it is made from, or the water source. As with us humans who can be picky about our water source based on taste, choosing plastic or ceramic or glass cups/bottles, your cat might like plastic vs stainless steel. Also, note that cats have a good sense of taste so chlorinated water might not be well tolerated by your cat. This can be fixed by testing out bottled or filtered water to see which your cat loves best. 

There are more than the above reasons why your cats might be ignoring their water bowl. Do you have a cat that is really picky about drinking water? Click the link below for our proven water bowl solution. 




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